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Who are Force and Leisure ltd 

It is the parent company that both Force Self Defence and Force Air Defence are affiliated to 

Who are FORCE Self Defence
FORCE Self Defence is the sister company of FORCE Air Defence

FORCE Self Defence was formed in 2009 developing a unique style of self defence called freestyle unarmed combat Ju-jitsu. FORCE Self Defence currently operate 3 clubs in Kent offering effective
training to a range of ages and abilities with some students gaining practical and vital
help to overcome effects of previous attacks.

Who will deliver the training?
Stuart Lowe, CEO of Force Self Defence and 4th Dan Martial Artist is the senior trainer and he will be accompanied by a team of fully qualified FORCE Air Defence Trainers .

Why should my business take on self-defence training?
Self Defence may not be seen as a priority when considering training for organisations
but for any industry with face to face contact it is a practical additional skill to offer.
There are many benefits to the individual and the organisation.

Why should we choose FORCE Air Self Defence to provide this service?
There are alternative conflict resolution and self defence courses, FORCE have developed their own range of techniques, specifically aimed at restraint and prevention with practical skills that can
be used by all.

What will my organisation gain from this?
Organisations who invest in their employees reap benefits by way of; attraction to new
recruits, retention of existing staff and improved staff wellbeing. Building a reputation
for investing in and caring for employees also has a positive effect with potential
customers as it delivers a positive message and in the case of self-defence training will
provide a level of comfort and reassurance to customers, putting you a step ahead of
competitors who opt to focus elsewhere.

How do I take up this opportunity?
Call us or email to arrange an appointment and we will start the FORCE Air Defence
journey tailored to your needs.

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