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  • CEO Force Air Defence

  • Founder of Force Self Defence and Force Air Defence

  • Published author of martial arts syllabus 2011

  • 30+ years martial arts experience

  • 4th Dan Freestyle Unarmed Combat Ju-Jitsu

  • Ex Army The Royal Green Jackets 2nd Battalion

  • Ex Army Instructor as an NCO

  • Experience of conflict having served operational tours of duty

  • CMAA Level 1 Instructor

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Highfields Level 3 Use of mechanical restraints

  • Highfields Level 3 Qualified Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard)

  • Hostile Environment Awareness trained

  • Unarmed combat training by Israeli Special Forces Instructor

  • Trained with SAS and SBS Instructors

  • Experience of confrontation working as Club Doorman

  • De-escalation skills having worked as Financial Recovery Officer

  • Experience in Karate, Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga, FAST, Kent School of Close Combat Methods and Wing Chun

  • specialist subjects defence against knives, guns and other weapons

  • Highfields Level 3 Mechanical Restraints 

  • Currently training towards 5th Dan Master

Chief Instructor  Stuart Lowe

Important message from the CEO

Measured Response to an Attack!

Everybody has the right to defend themselves and others but how we go about it is very important, defence to the attack must always be a reasonable and proportionate response. its important to note that once you have someone in a restraint position to only use enough force to prevent them from struggling but also be aware if they are struggling is it because they can't breath, if they are not struggling then ease up on the restraint and always talk to the person and make sure that they can breathe to prevent positional asphyxia, need to note that people don't always become aggressive through rage but could be panic, medical condition or Mental Health that's why its important to also take into account the welfare of the attacker and use the correct response with minimal harm but maximum effect. Remember every action you take must be justified.    

The CEO has written the above statement as a guideline that Force Air Defence abides by

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