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Your individually tailored plan

Your organisation is not identical to any other company and so your training
plan will be unique too. We will work with you to understand your
challenges and targets and set up an approach together. Through
presentation of options and some targeted enquiries we will present a
personal plan that will benefit your business, help minimise risks to the team
and promote the business as a favoured employer and supplier.

Benefits of FORCE Air Defence:

• FORCE is a well-established self-defence service provider
• FORCE have worked with corporate clients and private clients for over 12 years
• FORCE have experience adapting training plans to suit organisational needs
• FORCE response techniques focus on r
estraint and defence
• FORCE techniques are practical and effective
• FORCE CEO has been involved with self-defence and martial arts for
over 30 years with practical experience in the British Army, close
protection and has studied a vast range of martial arts
• FORCE have built their syllabus over many years, engineering moves to
their maximum effect

Benefits of the FORCE Air Self Defence Course to the individual:

  • Provides practical skills for safety purposes

  • Promotes a sense of well-being and achievement

  • Builds confidence in the protection of one’s self and others

  • Suits all fitness levels but helps to build body balance

  • Creates an awareness of physical limits and pressure points

  • Helps promote social interaction


Benefits of the FORCE Air Self Defence Course to an organisation:

  • Meets corporate social responsibility obligation

  • Contributes to the wellbeing processes in place for employees

  • Proves to employees that their safety is a priority

  • Demonstrates that the organisation is willing to invest in their employees for customer safety

  • Sends a message to potential employees that the organisation values work force

  • Helps maintain staff loyalty

  • Sends a clear message to potential customers that processes are in place to assess and minimise risks

  • Aids team building, with all of the benefits that come from a well-coordinated team

History of FORCE Self Defence

FORCE Air Defence is the sister company of FORCE Self Defence which specialise in Freestyle Unarmed Combat Ju-jitsu, comprising of techniques from many areas including Krav Magar and Ju-Jitsu. FORCE Self Defence has been in operation since 2009 and has trained hundreds of students over the years, with 3 clubs currently operating in Kent. The clubs offer a structured training route for those wishing to pursue rank but also provides practical self-defence techniques which help to build confidence, fitness and promote social interaction.

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