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Force Air Defence, value feedback from our customers and would like to share
some comments from our recent training session in June 2024:

 100% found the training content met their needs
 100% were comfortable with the pace and structure of the training
 100% were completely satisfied with the overall experience

Customer Comments:
"I was a little apprehensive about the course beforehand but the Force Air Defence
Trainers were great and made me feel more confident"

 "Force Air Defence trained us confidently in self defence.  I now feel significantly
more confident and safer, not just at work but in my daily life.  The expert instructors
made the learning of techniques effective, engaging and empowering."



 "Fantastic training, very fun.  Stuart and Xander are friendly and very easy to learn

"The course was a great experience and helps you think of how we can successfully
handle disruptive situations on board the aircraft"

*nb. To respect the confidentiality of our Customers all reviews are not company titled

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